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Loss Control Management System (LCMS)

Elder Computer Solutions is proud to present the Loss Control Management System.  Claims management can be made easy with Loss Control Management System (LCMS).  LCMS can form fit to any company’s needs to make managing your Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, Auto, Property and Casualty Claims with the program’s ability to track, report and process claim information. The system can be customized to fit any company’s claim reporting, tracking and managing needs.   LCMS is designed to document initial claim reports, claims notes, set diaries and task to ensure follow up work and appointments are completed, future work options, cost tracking, categorize incident and claim types and many more data entry options.  The data entry can be used to generate customized reports to analyze and review incident / claim types, performance reports for supervisors, employees, divisions, job locations, cost types, cost by line of business, auto / equipment types and much more.  Whatever your customized need is, we can provide the database, query and reporting tools for you.  Easy search tools allow for smooth navigation and quick referencing to locating claims.  LCMS will allow you to monitor where your company is spending money with customized reports that can show current cost and projected cost for all claims, specific group of claims or drill-down the financials on an individual claim.  The cost reports will show trends so you’ll know where to focus your employee training needs.  Reports can be customized and formatted to any style for all your printing or exporting needs.  LCMS can be designed for individual or multi-users. 

Contact Elder Computer Solutions today and give us the opportunity to show you how LCMS can be flexible and customized to bring relief to your claim management needs

Loss Control Management System